Corporate coaching for large or small teams

Employee wellness is shown to lead to better focus, more energy, and less stress – which means more productivity for you. Promote a better environment for your company with my talks covering healthy strategies, lifestyle tips, and some quick and easy recipes.


Ati Nutrition corporate wellness program

I’ll show you and the members of your organization how to make healthier choices.
Presentations are about an hour followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

Topics include:

  • Food education, ingredients and recipes
  • How to shop for your health and your budget
  • How our food industry is tricking us and our children in buying processed and packaged foods loaded with harmful preservatives, added refined sugars and chemicals.
  • How to start your day before going to work, how to snack during the day while at your job and how to plan healthy meals in advance.


Promote a healthier culture

In order for employees to give their best at work, they need to take care of their physical and mental health by having healthy and nutritious diets, exercise and proper stress management. As a food scientist, health and wellness coach, I have witnessed how a person’s energy, quality of life, mood and concentration is directly affected by their diet and lifestyle.

healthy food

Better living, happy employees

Ati Nutrition provides easy and fun tips on making food more delicious and healthier for better living and happy employees. Let me work with you to create a unique program designed for the needs of your company.

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