Ati Farmani

Ati Farmani was born in Tehran and moved to the U.S. at 13. She has also lived in Europe and travelled throughout Asia, indulging in the food culture and cooking traditions everywhere she landed. At 18, after a lifetime of digestive issues, she was diagnosed with IBS. Through exhaustive research and trial and error, she created a diet that alleviated her symptoms entirely—much to her doctors’ surprise.

Fascinated by food’s dynamic healing powers, Ati dropped her architectural studies to earn a degree in Food Science at California State University, Northridge. As a Food Coach, she combines her advanced knowledge of how food is grown, what it’s made up of on a molecular level, and what its nutrient values are, with her personal experience of eating her way to wellness. “No two people are the same,” she says. “We all react differently to different ingredients. So I deal with everyone on a case-by-case basis to find the foods that will make them feel their best.”

Believing that meals should be fun and occasions of joy and togetherness, Ati is dedicated to creating recipes and food plans that her clients will truly savor. She has had great success educating children and teenagers about food basics, and turned picky eaters into enthusiastic, health-conscious home cooks—often transforming the whole family’s relationship to food in the process. “Once you experience the difference that eating the right foods can make to your moods, your energy and your overall sense of wellbeing,” she says, “it becomes an easily sustainable lifestyle.”

Recipes Created
Ingredients Used
Days of Helping People

Wellness Consult

Ati will meet at your home, office or favorite coffee shop—or by phone/Skype.

Food Shopping 101

Learn how to navigate the food aisles and interpret their labels.

Food Storage + Safety Rules

Learn the safety rules of food preparation and food storage.

Optimal Health Coaching

Learn how to fine-tune and balance your diet for maximum energy, a boosted immune system and overall wellbeing.

Cancer + Chemo Support

With personal experience of cancer in her family, Ati is familiar with the many challenges and side effects experienced by patients undergoing chemo and radiation treatments.

Digestive Issues Support

Ati is keenly aware that each individual’s triggers are different, and collaborates with her clients—and their medical caregivers when applicable—to find a balanced diet that is both nutritious and soothing.

Collaboration with Medical Caregivers

Ati will work with clients’ doctors, registered dietitians or other health care professionals to explain and implement dietary protocols in a way that is accessible and delicious.

Workshops + Cooking Classes

Ati will teach you how to make healthy meals that reflect your food preferences, lifestyle, culinary traditions and tastes.

Food Label Decoding

Decode the complicated food labels and learn about what is really going into your food.

Dining Out Healthy

Ati will show you where to eat and what to eat to stay healthy and leave satisfied.