Justin’s Story

Justin, a high school sophomore, wanted someone to understand his tastes. I did, while also helping him broaden his horizons.


“I first met Ati when I was 12 years old. I was tired of hearing my parents telling me “eat this and eat that.” So, I asked them to hire someone who is an expert in food and nutrition to work with me. When I started working with Ati, I thought she would give me a series of instructions which any typical nutritionist will give you with a list of do’s and don’ts.

Regardless of my assumptions I was willing to work with her and give it a try. Contrary to my expectations, as we continued to work together, her approach was surprisingly different. I am a very picky eater, from day one, Ati and I made a list of the food ingredients I like and dislike. She was aware of the fact that I don’t eat many food ingredients. She gradually started creating specific recipes that I have not yet tried but I was open to explore.

Ati gave me new ideas and changed my whole perspective about food and how to try different foods. Because I was very specific about food textures and trying new ingredients, she introduced smoothies to my diet. She made smoothie recipes with variety of nutritious and new ingredients that were never part of my daily diet, which completely expanded my eating habits. Now, almost every day, I make a different smoothie with fresh and nutritious ingredients. If it wasn’t for Ati’s teachings, I would have never tried the new ingredients I eat now.

From the beginning, Ati and I connected immediately and she knew how to approach me to try different food and change my diet. What I noticed from day one is that Ati is very energetic and loves what she does. Now I am 15, have expanded my diet and I have a completely different knowledge about Food. In addition, I try new ingredients more than I ever did. I thank Ati all the time for the work she has done for me. She has changed my eating habits and as a result I have changed as an individual.”

Justin B.
High School student. Pacific Palisades, CA

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